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Our dedication to accuracy, strength, and durability is evident with the development of the patent pending Gruning Tactical Rings (GTR). The GTR is constructed from an alloy steel in order to reduce the impact of thermal reactivity, as well as increase the overall rigidity of the mounting system. Our rings have one full inch of contact area with the scope tube and base to ensure a strong hold. The GTR was designed for use with the MIL-STD-1913 rail system. Many tactical scope ring designs available on the market today have been developed to be interchangeable between the Weaver style and MIL-STD-1913 rails. This design is convenient; however, it does pose problems. Scope bases are designed and manufactured with a recoil groove. This prevents possible forward and backward movement of the scope during the recoil of a rifle. The Weaver design has a groove width of 0.125" which is appropriate for Weaver style scope rings to be mounted; however, the minimum groove width on a MIL-STD-1913 base is 0.206". It is this 0.081" dimensional difference that may cause scope shifting problems.

The GTR is surface ground parallel and perpendicular during the manufacturing process. This is important for our patent pending alignment system which consists of four precision ground posts. These posts locate the top and bottom ring halves when installing a scope. The alignment system is assembled onto the GTR prior to machining the bore for the scope tube. This is done so that top and bottom rings halves become a perfect matched set when the bore is machined into the ring. Our patent pending alignment system not only properly aligns the scope ring halves but it also provides more support and rigidity to the mounting system. We will never compromise our dedication to accuracy, durability, and strength, even when it comes to the fasteners used to tighten our scope rings. The GTR is equipped with USA manufactured fasteners that have the highest torque and clamping force in the industry. The most accurate rifle in the world is not accurate if its optics are loose.


The Lightweight Gruning Tactical Rings (LTGTR) have the same features as the GTR, along with Gruning's patent pending alignment system, but is substantially lighter in weight. The LTGTR is machined from aircraft alloy T6 aluminum for weight reduction, and is perfect for use on weapons such as the M4 because of the similar materials. These rings have been hard anodized for structural strength, as well as corrosion resistance. The Lightweight Gruning Tactical Rings are equipped with steel threaded inserts to ensure that none of the fasteners are screwed into aluminum threads. This allows for a much stronger hold, but it also reduces the chance of galvanic corrosion. Both the LTGTR and the GTR use aircraft quality fasteners. Our scope rings were designed without any blind holes so the ability to retain saltwater and moisture is non-existent. When weight is a factor and maximum strength is desired choose the Lightweight Gruning Tactical Rings.

Gruning Tactical Rings (GTR)
1.00", 30mm - MSRP $270.00
34mm - MSRP $295.00

Lightweight Gruning Tactical Rings (LTGTR)
1.00", 30mm - MSRP $225.00
34mm - MSRP $250.00

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Gruning Scope Rings Gruning Scope Rings on Rifle Gruning Scope Rings on Rifle
Gruning Scope Rings Gruning Scope Rings
Gruning Scope Rings Gruning Scope Rings




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