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The M14 Rifle and its civilian predecessor the M1A has been the old reliable war horse of wood and steel in an age of plastics and aluminum. Since the M14 ended production in 1964 it has served service members as a sniper rifle and Squad Designated Marksmanship Rifle. It has played essential roles in wars spanning from Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, as well as saved lives from visious sea marauders off the Somalia Coast. We can build you a custom M1A that will not only fulfill your needs but will also be as unique as the roles it has played throughout its 50 plus years of service.

The Gruning M1A Night Vision Rail integrates the accuracy of a Custom Gruning M1A with the best available optics and night vision on the market. This provides the user with the most versatile platform for day and night operations. Our SOCOMs provide for an ideal weapon to be used within the tight confines of urban operations in comparison to the full sized rifle, without sacrificing the reliability and accuracy we have come to expect from the M1A. Our dedication and uncomprimising devotion to quality allows us to create the best precision war horse in the age of modern warfare.

*** Gruning Precision does not offer services for Chicom rifles. We apologize for this inconvenience.


Custom Gruning Tactical M1A with Night Vision Capabilities


This custom Gruning M1A is equipped with a J. Allen Enterprises Generation 2 tactical stock. The barrel is a stainless steel Krieger with a heavy contour. It has been chambered for the .308 Winchester 168 gr. Federal Gold Medal cartridge and Teflon coated in Black. The muzzle has been crowned and a Smith Enterprise Muzzlebrake has been installed. This rifle is also equipped with our Gruning Night Vision Optic Mounting System as well as our HD Tactical Scope Rings.



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