Gruning M1A Optic Mounting System (OMS)

The Gruning M1A Optic Mounting System (OMS) was developed to provide a durable scope mount for the M1A rifle. It is constructed from an alloy steel in order to reduce the impact of thermal reactivity, as well as increase the overall rigidity of the mounting system. During the development phase we observed the problems shooters were having in the field while using the side mounted scope base. We studied every detail of the M14 receiver blueprint so that we could design a mounting system that would solve the problems of the side mount.

According to the M14 receiver blueprint, the centerline of the receiver's threads which are used to attach the barrel, is a datum point. Many dimensions on the receiver are located from this point. It is important to locate the scope base from the receiver's datum to eliminate the problem of scope alignment. The OMS has three locating dimensions, all are in direct relationship with the centerline of the datum.

The Gruning Optic Mounting System will not come loose with recoil nor cause the shooter to use excessive internal scope adjustments to get on target. It consists of three components - rear base, mid base, and MIL-STD-1913 rail. The rear base is located between the receiver's rear sight ears which is dimensioned on centerline to the barrel's threads. It is held in position through the use of a pin that fits where a rear sight elevation knob would normally have been installed. The barrel's threads are used to locate the mid base with the centerline datum of the receiver. This creates a stable and aligned platform for the MIL-STD-1913 rail to be mounted.



Gruning M1A Optic Mounting System - MSRP $220.00
***Please contact us for our USG/Mil/LE Pricing***

Gruning M1A Scope Base Gruning M1A Scope Base Gruning M1A Scope Base
Gruning M1A Scope Base Gruning M1A Scope Base
Gruning M1A Scope Base Gruning M1A Scope Base on Rifle




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