Gruning Bolt Action Rifles

Since its adaptation, the bolt action rifle has proven itself as a powerful and impressive weapon of warfare. Its exceptional durability has been tested time after time in many of the worlds combat theaters. The bolt action rifle will function in extreme conditions from dust storms, sub zero temperatures, and jungle humidity. Needless to say, it leaves no questions as to why the bolt action rifle has been, and still is the Military's primary sniper rifle.

Over the last 100 years, thousands of man hours have been spent engineering the bolt action rifle into its current configuration. In order to achieve shot placement accuracy and consistancy, a rifle must be manufactured and machined with the utmost precision and stringent quality control. At Gruning Precision, we have the knowledge and experience in the machining process as well as the capabilities of taking measurements within 25 millionths of an inch. Our dedication and uncomprimising devotion to quality allows us to achieve the bolt action rifle's sundry of desireable characteristics. When you shoot a Gruning Custom Tactical Bolt Action Rifle you can rest assured knowing that your rifle was built using modern techniques steeped with tradition.



Custom Gruning Tactical Bolt Action Rifle


This Custom Gruning Rifle is equipped with a McMillan A-5 tactical stock which features a three way adjustable butt plate, thumbwheel adjustable cheekpiece, and a freeland rail. The barrel is a stainless steel Krieger, machined with a #7 contour and chambered for the.308 168gr. Federal Gold Medal cartridge. The receiver has been blueprinted and machined for 8-40 screws ensuring more holding power and rigidity for the mounting system. The mounting system on this rifle is our Gruning Tactical Rings (GTR) and Gruning 700 Tactical Mount (700-GTM). All machining has been done with great care and held within aerospace tolerances.



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