Welcome to Gruning Precision! Our company has been proudly serving rifle enthusiasts, Military, Law Enforcement agencies, and personnel since 1998. We have successfully brought old world craftsmanship with a modern edge back to the fine art of building custom rifles. Our specialties include customizing the bolt action rifle, M1A, AR15, and AR10 style rifles. We also manufacture a complete line of durable products, including scope rings, bases, and mounts. The world of firearms is saturated with misinformation, but Gruning Precision only wants their clients to have the best possible products available to keep them safe in harms way. Many of our clients have become close friends over the years. We understand the intensity and adrenaline that occurs in life threatening situations, and this has only driven us further to provide a product that is completely dependable. We do not want our clients to be concerned whether or not their gear will function as it should in the field. We simply strive to promote confidence and faith in all Gruning products and services.

The California Department of Justice has provided us with the permits for assault weapons, machine guns, short barreled shotguns, short barreled rifles, suppressors, and 50 BMGs so that we may serve all of our clients' needs.

We would like to say thank you to all of the men and women serving in our Armed Forces and Law Enforcement agencies for your dedication and service to the United States of America. We are truly blessed. To show our appreciation we have special pricing for all US Military and Law Enforcement individuals.

Please enjoy your visit to gruningprecision.com!

Custom Gruning Tactical Remington 700
Gruning Custom Rifle


This Gruning Custom Rifle is equipped with an OD Green McMillan A-4 tactical stock which features a Freeland rail, Badger Ordnance detachable magazine kit, and Decelerator pad. The barrel is a stainless steel Krieger, machined with a #7 contour and has been chambered for the.308 168gr. Federal Gold Medal cartridge. The receiver has been blueprinted and machined for 8-40 screws ensuring more holding power and rigidity for the mounting system. The mounting system installed on this rifle is our Gruning 700 Tactical Mount and Gruning Tactical Rings. Another custom feature of this rifle is our Gruning Tactical Bolt Knob. All machining performed has been done with great care and held within aerospace tolerances.



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